Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges

What is Disability Equality Training (DET)?
DET is a participatory learning programme that emphasises on positive outcomes. Participants are facilitated to examine the issues faced by disabled people in society, and question stereotypes, myths and misconceptions about disability. Consequently, they are motivated make commitments to take proactive actions in removing barriers, be it in their workplace, organisation or society in general.

Who is DET for?
DET is for everyone. For non-disabled people, it provides a logical explanation of disability and leads them into becoming agents of change. For disabled people, it is a tool for empowerment by changing the negative perception of themselves with regards to their impairments and affording them opportunities to take leadership roles.

What can DET do?
Establishments with disabled employees or are planning to employ disabled people can use DET effectively to make the work environment in their premises inclusive. Front-liners in service-oriented organisations can benefit by discovering ways to interact and support disabled customers  safely and professionally.

The results
Skills and knowledge learnt from DET workshops have been successfully applied in making establishments inclusive for staff and customers.