How to conduct effective training

29 – 30 July, 2013
This workshop to train senior job coach trainers was organised by Job Coach Network Malaysia and Japan International Cooperation Agency. It was held at Menara PERKESO in Kuala Lumpur. Among the topics covered were designing training courses, facilitation skills, techniques for making PowerPoint slides and presentation.

How to Conduct Effective Training workshop
Facilitating the “How to Conduct Effective Training” workshop for senior job coach trainers at Menera PERKESO.
1-minute summary
Senior job coach trainers doing the one-minute summary after the conclusion of a module.
Separation of data in PowerPoint slide making
An exercise to make PowerPoint slides more visually appealing and easier to understand.
Workshop for senior job coach trainers
Discussing the finer points in conducting effecting training with senior job coach trainers.
2-second eye contact exercise
Senior job coach trainers practising the two-second eye contact exercise.
Action plan presentation
Action Plan presentation at the end of the two-day “How to Conduct Effective Training” workshop at Menara PERKESO for senior job coach trainers.